Color of Allah – Poem

 Color of Allah

The oceans dried up

Not one but two,

But the words of my Lord written were few,

Each drop of divine ink

Each letter, each word

Their unchartered depths few have explored


The Colors of Allah

Dye yourself in them and attain falah.

The hues of humility

The perfect tints of gratitude

The gait, the speech, the right attitude

In the style

Of the Nabi (saws) and the blessed few

They strive but they smile as if Jannah they view

Intense in their devotion

Their obedience glows

In the darkest of nights spent bowed low

Not like chameleons

They change their colors, or discard

When the going gets tough, or the opposition hard

Their deen dyed deep

Not washed away

By the changing tides of culture, or fashion’s sway

Awash in divine recitation

They persist and depend

On none

But the One

At peace in the knowledge

That blessed they are

To be drenched in


The Colors of Allah



Dyeing Ourselves in the Color of Allah


صِبْغَةَ اللَّهِ ۖ وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللَّهِ صِبْغَةً ۖ وَنَحْنُ لَهُ عَابِدُونَ

There is a bewildering array of lifestyles all around us in this world. Every lifestyle represents a unique set of behaviors, values and beliefs. If we think of each of these lifestyles as representing a different color of the spectrum, then the society we live in is a colorful place indeed. All around us, we see rich, vibrant hues – a million different colors, calling to a million different slogans, and a million different lifestyles. We were born into this dazzling array of color, and as we grow up, we find ourselves blinded by their brilliance, not knowing where to go, which color to follow, and which call to heed. There are the wild, bold colors of western society, calling us to fun and freedom, and to living life unfettered, ruled only by our desires. Then there are the soft, pastel hues of the East, representing a life of modesty, of living a life in the strict bounds of culture, ruled by family traditions and demands of your society, however outdated. There are the fresh, bright colors of childhood, of innocence and discovery, and the colors of youth, the wildest and brightest colors of the spectrum, the hues of dreams and emotions and energies at their very peak. There are the effervescent hues of wealth and prosperity, and the dull grays and browns of poverty. The duniya calls to us – a mirage of sparkling, shimmering color, and above everything, at all times, hangs the shadow of imminent death – the dull white mist threatening to shroud every color of life.

Born into this dazzling variety, it is difficult indeed to tear ourselves away from the shimmer and glitter of the colors of duniya, of the hundred different lifestyles that beckon to us all at once. It is difficult to bleach off the color we have grown up in, and adopt a different color entirely.

But in all the beauty and glow of the world, in all its shining colors, there is not a single one so beautiful, so rich, so vibrant, and so completely mesmerizing, that its beauty cannot be described in words – it can only be experienced, and then only by donning it. That loveliest of colors is what the Quran calls sibghatallah – the Color of Allah.

What is the Color of Allah? The meaning is not literal, of course, but refers to a lifestyle steeped in His obedience, a life lived purely and completely for Him, in which He is the center we revolve around and all others pale in comparison to Him – a life where He alone is the object of all our desires and emotions and our love.

Who does not want to escape the toil and turmoil and the sheer pretentiousness of our lives? Who does not want to replace the constantly shifting, restless hues by one, strong, lovely shade, the Color of Allah? Let us see then, how to accomplish this: how to dye ourselves completely in the Color of Allah.

To understand the concept better, we shall use an analogy – the analogy of a dyer dyeing a piece of cloth. Let us see what the fabric-dyeing process teaches us about coloring our own hearts and souls.

Identifying the Nature of the Fabric:

Sometimes you go to the dyer with a piece of cloth and he tells you with an apology that it cannot be dyed; there is something with the structure of the cloth that prevents it from accepting any dye at all. Such a cloth is rejected outright. When we start to walk the path towards Allah, we need to make sure that we are ready to accept a new color and give up the old ones. We need to be ready to sacrifice everything we have and all we are to become the person Allah wants us to become.

Secondly, the cloth has to be strong enough to withstand the dyeing process, because as we shall see, this process places great strain on the cloth, and we certainly do not want it to disintegrate in the middle of the process. We similarly have to be strong and perseverant when walking on Allah’s path – we cannot give up each time we face a small hurdle; we cannot fall to pieces and refuse to move forward when we face criticism or a teacher’s scolding or any kind of trial. We have to be strong enough to go through the whole process.


The first thing the dyer does is to bleach the fabric to remove the color it was dyed earlier; only then it can be dyed in the required new color. The bleaching process must be a painful one for the cloth, and requires a strong cloth to withstand it. Similarly, when we want to dye ourselves in the Color of Allah, we have to remove all earlier traces of all the other colors of the world – we have to rinse off our old prejudices, ideologies, beliefs and the lingering memories of sins. We have to cleanse our heart completely, repent for the error of our old ways, and hand ourselves completely over to Allah. We submit ourselves, like Ibrahim AS did, when he said:

أَسْلَمْتُ لِرَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
“I have submitted [in Islam] to the Lord of the worlds.” (2:131)

Now we are Allah’s to mould as He wishes, just as the bleached cloth is now the dyer’s to dye as he wishes.

Identifying and Preparing the New Required Color:

Now the dyer needs to know exactly what color the cloth is required to be, and then prepare the chemical solution to dye the cloth in. Similarly, when adopting the color of Allah, we need knowledge of what He wants from us – knowledge of what it really means to be on Allah’s path. What lifestyle are we required to have? What activities do we have to stop and which ones do we have to adopt?

Immersing and Boiling the Cloth in the Dye:

This is the crucial stage in the fabric dyeing process. The cloth has to be fully immersed in the dye, and not just that, but it also has to be boiled in that solution for some time. The chemical is harsh and strong-smelling, not to mention boiling hot, so this again must be a painful process for the poor cloth. For us, immersing ourselves fully in Allah’s teachings is equally important, for there is nothing such as “partial” Islam – to practice Islam means to submit, and to submit every one of your desires completely to Allah, as we are told in the Quran:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا ادْخُلُوا فِي السِّلْمِ كَافَّةً
“O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely…” (2:208)

We have to sink completely into a new lifestyle, no resistance to any aspect of it. Further, like the cloth that is boiled for quite some time, we also need to stick to our efforts for sufficient time; otherwise, the color will not last. Attending one talk or studying a couple of surahs is not enough; we have to stick with our commitment for all 114 surahs, and even after that. Most important, we need to remember that the dyeing process requires boiling – we may get praise in this path, but we will also suffer hardship. Trials and tribulations will rain on us, and it will be painful, but if we want the dye to be strong and permanent, we have to persevere.

This point is often hard, and many people give up in this very stage. You have to leave behind desires, favorite pastimes, old routines, and easygoing lifestyles, and enter into a new life altogether. For some, the fear of becoming a social misfit drives them off at this point, for people who adopt the Color of Allah seldom fit in with all the other colors in society, and with family and friends.

At this crucial stage, another thing the dyer needs is total focus – the slightest lapse of concentration can result in a severe, often irreversible mistake. We need similar focus when trying to understand the Word of Allah and when trying to tread His path – we cannot get to the spirit of Islam unless we focus fully on what we are required to do.

Testing the Color:

Now, once the cloth is dyed and ready, the dyer compares it with the ordered color – it needs to be a one hundred percent match to satisfy the customer. If the color is not quite what was required, he will again dip it into the dye and again boil it, until the required result is achieved. Similarly, when we think we have acquired the color of Allah – when we think we have become true, sincere Muslims – then we must prepare ourselves for tests. Hundreds of times along this path our faith will be tested, our priorities will be tested – Allah will send difficulties our way to make sure that the color does not fade when put under strenuous conditions. And if we do fail in our tests, then the dyeing process must be performed again, and again and again, until we truly emerge pure and sincere, and exactly the kind of people Allah wants us to be. And if still we fail, and we cling to our old colors and refuse to accept Allah’s color, then remember that no one has any use for a mismatched garment, and it is either made into a dust cloth or thrown away.

Once the cloth is dyed and ready, and the color is perfect, there are certain precautions you need to take:

You have to protect the cloth from stains of other colors – there are so many other colors being dyed in society, just as there are so many different colors being dyed at the dyer’s. Allah’s color needs to be pure, pristine – no other color must get mixed into it. For us, that means simply that all the other ideals and philosophies and all the warped notions of right and wrong going around in society should not affect our concepts – they must remain clear and based always on the Quran and Sunah.

Secondly, when we dye another color on top of the one that has already been dyed, the cloth usually comes out looking ugly. So we should not keep changing colors like a chameleon, influenced by others around us – stick to one color, the most beautiful of all colors, the color of Allah.

Third, the color should be fast – not like the cloth that looks beautiful when it is dyed, but fades out in one wash – it should remain strong no matter how many time it mixes with cloths of other colors. We need to make sure that once we have adopted the color of Allah, the environment does not make us fade – for faded colors hold no vibrancy, no attraction and no usefulness.

Why be afraid of adopting this honored lifestyle? Why are so many of us afraid to show the color that has seeped into our hearts? Why are we not proud of it? Reason: Shaitan has made this duniya so very appealing to us, that we cannot see anything else as beautiful. Either that, or that we have never opened the Quran to see the true beauty of the colors of Islam – we have never truly let its beauty into our souls, clouded as our minds are by the illusions of duniya. The answer to all those doubts, and every single one of our fears, is given by Allah in this very verse

وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللَّهِ صِبْغَةً

When there is no other color even close to the beauty of Allah’s color, then we need to ask ourselves: what is stopping us from immersing ourselves in this beautiful lifestyle? Rush to it, embrace it, immerse yourself in it, and display it to the world!

By Zainab Abaid

Story of Life

One day of the many days, there was a man traveling with his Wife and Kids. On the way he met someone standing on the roadside. He asked: “Who are you?”
The man said: “I am ‘the Money‘.”

So the man asked his wife and kids: “Should we ask him to ride with us?”

They all said together: “Yes, of course! because with ‘the Money‘ it can help us if we wanted to do anything, and if we wanted to get anything we wished.” So they took ‘the Money‘ to ride with them. And the vehicle continued on its way until they met another person on the road. The Father asked: “Who are you?”
He said: “I am ‘the high position and power’.”

So the father asked his wife and kids: “Should we ask him to ride with us?”
They all answered together in one voice: “Yes, of course! because with ‘the high position and power’ we have the ability to do anything we want and own anything we wished.” So they took ‘the high position and power’ with them, and the vehicle continued to finish its trip.

In this way, they met with many people who promised pleasures and desires of life, UNTIL… They met one strange person… The Father asked: “Who are you?”
He said: “I am ‘the Deen’ (Islam).”

So the father, the wife, and the kids; all said in one voice: “No no, this isn’t the time, we desire the pleasures of life and Dunyah. ‘The Deen’ will prevent us and then ban us from pleasurable things and it will take control of us. We will be worn-out from being loyal to it and its teachings. The Halaal and the Haraam, and this thing prayer and that thing Hijaab, and the fasting, and; and; and; and; and; etc, It will be a burden upon us!!!”

“But certainly, we will return to pick you up after we enjoy life and everything else in it.”

So sadly, they left him behind and the vehicle continued on its trip.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere something appeared in the middle of the road. It was a check-point and it had a sign saying STOP!!! They found a man gesturing for the father to get out of the vehicle. The man said to the father: “Your trip has ended. Come with me.”

The father was shocked with fear and did not say a word. The man said to him: “I am searching for the DEEN. Is he with you?”
He answered: “No, I left him not too far back. If you can let me go back, I will get him for you.”

The man said: “You do not have the ability to go back, your trip has ended and there is no going back now… returning is impossible.”

“But I have The Money; The high position and power; My Wife; My Kids; and; and; and; and; and; and; so on.”

The man said to him: “Neither will they benefit you nor will they protect you when you come in front of Allah. Not one bit! You have left all of them behind. The only one that will help you now is ‘The Deen‘ you know? The one who YOU left back on the road.”

The father asked: “And who are you exactly?”
He replied: “I AM ‘the DEATH’ – The one who you were heedless of – and who you did not think of on your trip!!!”

The father looked at his vehicle and found his wife taking control of it and continuing the trip with all of the passengers. And none of them stayed behind with him. He was left all alone.

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