Story of Life

One day of the many days, there was a man traveling with his Wife and Kids. On the way he met someone standing on the roadside. He asked: “Who are you?”
The man said: “I am ‘the Money‘.”

So the man asked his wife and kids: “Should we ask him to ride with us?”

They all said together: “Yes, of course! because with ‘the Money‘ it can help us if we wanted to do anything, and if we wanted to get anything we wished.” So they took ‘the Money‘ to ride with them. And the vehicle continued on its way until they met another person on the road. The Father asked: “Who are you?”
He said: “I am ‘the high position and power’.”

So the father asked his wife and kids: “Should we ask him to ride with us?”
They all answered together in one voice: “Yes, of course! because with ‘the high position and power’ we have the ability to do anything we want and own anything we wished.” So they took ‘the high position and power’ with them, and the vehicle continued to finish its trip.

In this way, they met with many people who promised pleasures and desires of life, UNTIL… They met one strange person… The Father asked: “Who are you?”
He said: “I am ‘the Deen’ (Islam).”

So the father, the wife, and the kids; all said in one voice: “No no, this isn’t the time, we desire the pleasures of life and Dunyah. ‘The Deen’ will prevent us and then ban us from pleasurable things and it will take control of us. We will be worn-out from being loyal to it and its teachings. The Halaal and the Haraam, and this thing prayer and that thing Hijaab, and the fasting, and; and; and; and; and; etc, It will be a burden upon us!!!”

“But certainly, we will return to pick you up after we enjoy life and everything else in it.”

So sadly, they left him behind and the vehicle continued on its trip.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere something appeared in the middle of the road. It was a check-point and it had a sign saying STOP!!! They found a man gesturing for the father to get out of the vehicle. The man said to the father: “Your trip has ended. Come with me.”

The father was shocked with fear and did not say a word. The man said to him: “I am searching for the DEEN. Is he with you?”
He answered: “No, I left him not too far back. If you can let me go back, I will get him for you.”

The man said: “You do not have the ability to go back, your trip has ended and there is no going back now… returning is impossible.”

“But I have The Money; The high position and power; My Wife; My Kids; and; and; and; and; and; and; so on.”

The man said to him: “Neither will they benefit you nor will they protect you when you come in front of Allah. Not one bit! You have left all of them behind. The only one that will help you now is ‘The Deen‘ you know? The one who YOU left back on the road.”

The father asked: “And who are you exactly?”
He replied: “I AM ‘the DEATH’ – The one who you were heedless of – and who you did not think of on your trip!!!”

The father looked at his vehicle and found his wife taking control of it and continuing the trip with all of the passengers. And none of them stayed behind with him. He was left all alone.


Du’a for Market Place & Bazar

Dua Upon Entering Market Place

Ramadan Goals & Suggestions

1. Finish the whole Quran during the month of Ramadan.

2. Review the parts of the Quran that you memorized. This is one goal that is especially important for those who have memorized the Quran.

3. Wake up before Suhoor earlier to do extra worship and to attain the barakah of eating before fajr.

4. Hang out at the masjid more. Thats not a bad suggestion! Why not! Attend some Taraweeh prayers!

5. Organize a day to invite your friends and family to break their fast with you. Imagine the amazing blessing!

6. If you want to take a vacation, why not take it during the last 10 days of Ramadan!!! ITIKAF!!! Stay in the masjid for 10 days, its an amazing experience, one that you will cherish and wish to do every year. You would be amongst brothers who stay up late at night, reading Quran and standing up for night prayer. Also you would be seeking the greatest day of the whole year, which is Laylatul-Qadr!!! A day that is better than a 1000 months!

7. Commit less sins!

8. Make yourself more humble! The Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa salam was generally a humble man, but in the month of Ramadan he would be extra!

9. Make all the du’as in the world! Make them especially in the last 1/3 of the night, and in your sujood! When you’re in your sujood, you’re the closest to Allah!

10. FAST FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH! Do not fast because your parents told you to, or because it is the “in thing”. Fasting is worship! IT IS FULFILLING A PILLAR OF THE DEEN! WOW” So make all your worships for Allah, to please Him Alone!!!

By: Al Maghrib Brother

Ramadan Highway Code

Love for religion and basketball…

We recommend all of you to show this video clip to your kids. This video gives a very strong message to our youth that Deen and Dunya cannot be separated, the beauty of islam is to apply the deen in dunya.

Towards an Outstanding Ramadan

Some Good Quotes

Read & Ponder!

If not Now then When??

Prioritizing Calls


Do We Prioritize Allah’s Calls?

Ten Useless Things!

Shaykh Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyyah wrote in his book “Al-Fawaid“:

“There are ten useless matters that cannot be benefitted from:

1. Knowledge that is not implemented.

2. An action that is empty of sincerity, and is not based on the correct example.

3.  Wealth that is hoarded, as the owner neither enjoys it during his life, nor obtains any reward for it in the haereafter.

4. The heart that is empty of love and longing for Allaah, and of seeking closesness to Him.

5. A body that does not obey Allaah.

6. Loving Allaah without seeking His pleasure.

7. Time that is not spent expiating sins or seizing oppportunities to perform righteous deeds that will bring one closer to Allaah.

8. A mind that thinks about issues which bring about no benefit.

9. Serving those who neither bring you close to Allaah or benefit you in your life.

10. Hoping and fearing one who is under the authority of Allaah, and whose forehead is in His Hand, while he cannot bring any benefit, harm, life, death or resurrection to himself.

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